Do you actually drink dial an ex.?
Well saying that it is just an excuse maybe taking it too far. Or maybe you are sloshed enough to do things and not remember them the next time you wake up. However, you can’t deny...
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How to pack for an outdoor workday
Disclaimer: Feel free to add or delete as per your convenience and skip the doctor stuff. Get ready. [ like real presentable- Ironed clothes and Apron, sleek face and hair.] Grab...
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Entering a new tank…. Again
  Here we are again to brood over the same old-new topic of joining a new job… again…   Let’s start … People don’t like you… (for now).  You don’t know/like them either....
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Things to do on your mobile phone without network to pass time.
Things to do on your mobile phone without network to pass time. Read books. Pre download your novel of choice (with preference to the self-growth genre). You can be productive...
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What to do if you feel you are having a bad day?
You feel shitty about yourself (more than usual). Why? No apparent reason. But is that true? Hmmm… Start with your day… how it started… where things went wrong? Nothing…. other...
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 Life in the Corridors
This was the one that urged me to put my thoughts in ink. Well internship gives you all the crazy ideas… but it actually took me 2 years and 2 blogs, to finally express my first… idea.       ...
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