Entering a new tank…. Again

  Here we are again to brood over the same old-new topic of joining a new job… again…

  Let’s start … People don’t like you… (for now).  You don’t know/like them either. The shower of advices on your Day 1 with hints of comparison or to attain efficiency at par with your peers just annoys you. By now the hatred towards situation/people has slowly started to make its way in your overthinking mind, but that is the law for newbies… I guess. However, being judgemental works both ways with no mercy at all. Next the fear of how will I, shall I be able to, whom should I ask, what, will… etc creeps in.

   Tired of all this emotional turmoil, next comes the self-satisfying EUREKA-

  1. Don’t repeat your mistakes.
  2. Keep working in such a way that no baggage comes home (including thoughts.)
  3. Don’t trust anybody… Be timid yet not yielding to opinions and or gossip.
  4. Patient and their care is above everything else… so get oriented… don’t shy away from asking questions.(however, never let them question you.)
  5. Don’t ever bother to care about your position/image. It never matters as long as you keep on doing the things right.

P.S.   1st day of work…

          They do judge… but so can you. Be free to be all judgemental this day, rather than be anxious of their opinions of you. Remember ‘5’ IT NEVER MATTERS.

         Few days into work…

         Your efficiency at work speaks before and for you. Don’t be shy to put some extra hours in the initial days, till you get acquainted. And before you realise… your boat has now begun to float and sail towards its course.

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