How to pack for an outdoor workday

Disclaimer: Feel free to add or delete as per your convenience and skip the doctor stuff.

  1. Get ready. [ like real presentable- Ironed clothes and Apron, sleek face and hair.]
  2. Grab a good bite of breakfast.
  3. Snacks/tiffin – because you are bored, and why not? [Don’t forget toffee/mints i.c.o. emergencies].
  4. A book/pdf -to read.
  5. Pre downloaded videos/movies.
  6. For that extra prep… Shades, scarf, nail filer, power bank, battery operated fan, laptop.
  7.  And your essentials
    • A full charged phone, earphones, Cash.
    • Pens, notepad (cause an empty mind needs to run awry).
    • Stethoscope, ID card
    • Water, handkerchief, napkin, cap, sanitary napkin, few tissues.
    • Cosmetics- sunscreen, lip balm, comb, sanitizer, handwash, facewash, compaq, scrunchie/clutch.

I guess we are good to go from here. Let me know if I need anything else.

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