Do you actually drink dial an ex.?

Well saying that it is just an excuse maybe taking it too far. Or maybe you are sloshed enough to do things and not remember them the next time you wake up.

However, you can’t deny that it was just a carrier to get in contact with those forbidden, subconscious emotions/person on which we act upon due to loss of inhibition only to regret later.

  • Deep breathes (at least 10 at a time) does help to some extent.
  • High protein and grease are the real deal (fried egg, cheese, noodles, chicken, etc).
  • Take 5 deep breathes more, consume a sugary beverage.
  • Voila, you are AWAKE, or you might have puked…

Also, that ineffective contact with the person of interest in this state adds more to your despair and longing. You are more than enough for yourself at every point of life.

P.S.  Make better choices when you are level headed rather than sprinting now into a bad one.

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