Things to do on your mobile phone without network to pass time.

Things to do on your mobile phone without network to pass time.

  1. Read books.

Pre download your novel of choice (with preference to the self-growth genre). You can be productive at times when facing issues such as no network/other distractions/travelling or just to pretend you are busy.

Reading 10-15 pages at one stretch is still an admirable use of your time.

  • You tube.

Pre download the content that you won’t usually browse but you always want to. The ‘no network’ downloads feed your viewing addiction, at the same time adds to your knowledge on topics of your interest [Gardening, Interviews, Geology, Economic trends etc on 2X] you otherwise tend to skip due to its long viewing time.

  • Organise your to-do lists.

We all have our lists of wants either in soft or hard copy or in our heads, which we plan with our next pay check. Now can be your time to segregate your needs, wants and maybe… in order and plan accordingly.

  • Clean your phone.

Not with sanitizer(lol). Go through those apps (My files, Gallery etc) and get rid of those extra clicked photos, WhatsApp sent/downloads, Group media, cache, PDFs… etc

  • All notes.

In absence of ink and network, type away all your thoughts/plan an event/some pending chores, etc.

Feel better and who knows where you can share your wisdom next to.

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