Life in the Corridors

This was the one that urged me to put my thoughts in ink. Well internship gives you all the crazy ideas… but it actually took me 2 years and 2 blogs, to finally express my first… idea.

       Having said that,

6 months into internship and yet 4 more heavy postings to go… I am running in the wild night for labs and arranging blood for an unknown patient [ whose identity can’t be confirmed] post RTA with guts out [literally] etc… As exciting as it looks [to me] the lab work always sucks.

 Which brings me here, outside a window knocking as loud as I can, waiting for the lab person to get things started… [all part of my fancy routine].

I remember one such night, prior to my Aai’s femur nailing surgery post RTA few years ago, when we [as in relative of the patient] were asked to arrange blood in case required in emergency. 8 days until now had made us habitual to the routine of the conduct of hospital, for eg. finding spots to eat, sleep, dry out the laundry, or move when told and all that.

2 years later, here I am on the other side of the scenario, at 2 AM standing in the same place waiting for the blood bag and thinking about the words not to use the next time I come across the people who practically live in these corridors.

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