Mentoring for the first time??

  1. Is it mentoring? Are you capable enough?
  2. Let them shadow you at first? Get to know them, assess their basics and take it from there.
  3. Dictate them, wherever necessary but avoid micromanaging [but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t micro observe]
  4. Now comes orientation of conduct and procedures. [It is necessary that they get an inkling on working of things first] Also they might have had an orientation session already, so BE BRIEF.
  5. A short viva session, once a every few days never hurts… also it brushes your ego (in a good way).
  6. A small introduction to smart paperwork.
  7. Let them walk, fall and walk again… Cause is the most cherishing times of one’s life and to instill confidence to fly and provide a mat to fall back on is your responsibility.

P.S.  Keeping them well rested/fed sort of should be one of your priorities.

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